Partners and Supporters

We are so grateful for the support and collaboration of our partner organizations and funders! Head to our Donate page to become a funder, or Connect with us to talk about other ways we could work together as coalition partners.

Power Shift Network
Power Shift Network
RE-AMP Network


Seed (Over $1000 donated)

Dale & Susan Butts

Topsoil (Over $250 donated)

Njoya Chomilo
Alanna Pawlowski
Lauren Armstrong
Fred Rose
William Jarrett
Benjamin Ihde

Sunshine (Sustaining monthly donors)

Stefan Davis
Alanna Pawlowski
Craig Nelson
Jennifer Thissen
Kathryn Cassick
Diane Ruiz
Sara Gomoll

Christy Dolph
Devon Armstrong
John Hershberger
James Hartnett
Keith White
Neil Rumachik
Steph Jacobs

Nancy Richard
Aaron Hanson
Benjamin Ihde
Joshua Quinn
John Malone
Ryan Miller