Welcome Neighbor!

The Green Neighbor Challenge is a web tool and social media campaign to help anyone with a utility bill (including renters) find and sign up for green energy in the US. Together, we can create a cleaner future for all!

Our web-tool is still in development and we’re working to raise money for the effort. There are three ways you can help us right now:

First, you can join our neighborhood to receive monthly updates on our progress and be the first to know when the Green Neighbor Challenge is ready for launch! We also like to share the cool art Becky is working on and Andrew tries to provide bits of education and inspiration. Lastly, we always provide some ways you all might help out because this campaign is for the people and by the people. Plus, your belief in us gives us courage and hope. So thank you!

Join the Green Neighborhood!

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Second, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about the Green Neighbor Challenge, give us your feedback, and share us with your friends! We think there are 5 great reasons to join the Green Neighbor Challenge:

  1. Creating Hope – Through action, we create hope! And when we create hope together, new futures are possible.
  2. Improving Health – Every dollar spent on green pricing programs yields about $2.47 in public health benefits. If 2% of eligible homes signed up, we’d collectively avoid $968 million annually in healthcare costs. Not to mention, stay healthy!
  3. Protecting Climate – Greening our electricity can eliminate 28% of our carbon footprint. The average home can do this for under $10/month! If 2% of homes did this, we’d avoid as much carbon as a forest the size of Maine could sequester.
  4. Changing Economy – We have alot of work to do! Green energy means green jobs! If 2% of homes switched, we could construct roughly 2,470 wind turbines or 15,120 football fields of solar. Farmers often see many benefits too!
  5. Advancing Food and Water – When natural prairie grasses are restored beneath solar panels, not only do they help purify and hold groundwater, but the bees that live in prairie grasses improve the growth of nearby fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

And Third, help bring the Green Neighbor Challenge to life! Building a national database with over 850 energy programs, a website, and a coalition of non-profit partners is no small task. We recently secured fiscal sponsorship through The Power Shift Network, which will allow us to apply for grants but those take time and work too. Contributing even $3 or $5 a month really does help support the stability of our team and expand the reach of our tool. Together, we really can breathe easier!

The Green Neighbor Challenge is a fiscally sponsored project of the Power Shift Network.